General Terms and Conditions of sale

The following is a translation from the original French « Conditions générales de ventes », the French document is the only legal and binding document, this translation is only for information purposes.

The following General Terms and Conditions of sale apply to anything related to Paragraphe Printing Shop. Any agreement or order made by the customer automatically implies agreement to the present General Terms and Conditions of sale. The customer agrees to drop his rules and Terms and Conditions by making a deal with Paragraphe Printing Shop. The only exception possible is a written document signed by Paragraphe Printing Shop.

Unless stated otherwise, all offers and informations are available for information purposes only and are non-binding to Paragraphe Printing Shop. The prices displayed on this website do not take VAT into account and are only valid for a limited period of time. If nothing is specified, prices are valid for 30 calendar days. An offer is binding to Paragraphe Printing Shop only after written confirmation from Paragraphe Printing Shop.

Unless notified otherwise, prices that apply the day of your order are the basis for calculation of the final price. By ordering, the buyer gives the right to Paragraphe Printing Shop to increase its prices in case materials, salaries, taxes or anything else would increase after the deal has been struck. Any price raise will be announced by a written notice.

Paragraphe Printing Shop holds the right to chose any printing procedure it sees fit to guarantee the best price for its clients.

Any item sold by Paragraphe Printing Shop is delivered from the shop, the buyer has to take care of any delivery cost to the location of his choice. Once the item has been given to the conveyer from our warehouse, the client becomes responsible for any damage that occurs after the conveyer has agreed to transport the item.

Delivery estimates are given for information purpose only, they are non-binding and can't be a valid reason for cancellation or demanding damages. 

Items remain property of Paragraphe Printing Shop until the buyer has has paid them in full and has fulfilled every obligation the contract bound him to. The buyer can't sell or give away any item that is still property of Paragraphe Printing Shop without consent of Paragraphe Printing Shop.

Paragraphe Printing Shop remains the owner of all its intelectual property rights on all of its creations (software, graphics...). The client guarantees he is the rightfull owner of any intelectual property right and other related rights on logos and graphics used for projects and stand surety for Paragraphe Printing Shop that no legal pursuits will be made against Paragraphe Printing Shop concerning intellectual property rights and other related rights.

Any change made orally or on the phone concerning graphic projects shall be done at the clients risks. Paragraphe Printing Shop can't be held accountable for any problem or omission spotted during or after printing once a dated and signed « ready for printing » (bon à tirer) decision has been issued. 

Should the delivery be hindered by a case of force majeure, Paragraphe Printing Shop has any rights to modify or to cancel the contract. The client certifies it won't demand any damages.

Should Paragraphe Printing Shop make an obvious error, the problematic items will be exchanged or, if exchanging is impossible, refunded. Paragraphe Printing Shop can never be held accountable for any loss or damage caused by or partially by Paragraphe Printing Shop or any of its sub-contractors.

Should the client not complain after the delivery, any information given to him will be taken as true by both parties. Complaints have to be made within 8 calendar days after delivery. Complaints do not give any right to the client to withhold payment. 

None of our prices include VAT unless stated otherwise. Our bills have to be payed in full and in cash.

Any disagreement about our contracts shall be judged under Belgian legislation and taken care of by a court in Brussels. Paragraphe Printing Shop is the sole owner of this right.